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Aubrie Johnson profile image Aubrie Johnson

let go

A poem about surrendering.

let go
Photo by Marek Piwnicki / Unsplash

let go.
let go of everything.

let go of hopes and dreams, let go of your ambitions,
let go of everything and everyone you held dear
and heal.
that seems to be what it takes.

in isolation. heal 
in quiet suffering,
self-immolate silently alone in your room,
do not complain,
do not ask for help

let go
it’s simple
why can’t you do that

let go and let be
Let go and let God
Let go and move on

i can not let go
fast enough
i can not let go

my hands are empty
my brain is full of affirmations
my heart has forgiven
but i cannot forget
to let go
let go
let go

what am i holding onto?
am i clinging?
or is something clinging to me?

Aubrie Johnson profile image Aubrie Johnson
Aubrie is a neurodivergent artist, tarot reader and art therapy student. When not making stuff, she's birdwatching or out buying a book (knowing full well she has a tbr stack at home).