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About Modern Heartist

Modern Heartist is a publication about trauma, grief, loss, and other decidedly unpleasant feelings. Isn't that just lovely?

The reach and intensity of trauma is incredible. So many of us have it, for so many reasons. And most of us are learning to live happily in spite or its effects — or even harness them to push ourselves forward and thrive. As a psychology student and future art therapist, my classes and personal trauma work  have brought a ton of valuable knowledge my way. It's as much an academic notebook as it is a snapshot of the state of isolation, mental illness, inner battles, and most of all, hope.

A lot of it is about creativity, too. Because in a world that prioritizes the needs of late-stage capitalism over real people, creativity is crucial. How do we talk about our pain in a society that's determined to ignore it?

I hope that Modern Heartist helps inform your journey into greater empathy, growth, and community, and provides some encouragement to be less perfect in a world obsessed with perfection.

Everything is going to be okay.

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